How to save 10% off YNAB 4

Everyone who buys You Need A Budget receives a 10% YNAB discount coupon to share with friends. Here's how to use mine:


Step 1. Click the green discount coupon button below.


Step 2. Look for the orange banner at to confirm the discount.


Step 3. Add YNAB 4 to your basket to see the 10% discount, confirm at the checkout, done!


Do you work for YNAB? Is the YNAB discount real?

I'm just a regular guy who loves using YNAB and telling other people about it and have absolutely no connection with the company, but this YNAB discount is absolutely real and part of their official referral program.

When you click the button you'll be taken to the official website store which is the only place the YNAB discount works, so you can be sure it's legit. To be absolutely sure, look for the orange banner at the top of their homepage, and the discount in your basket, as seen in the screenshots below:

ynab discount coupon confirmed

After you click the button look for the orange banner to confirm your YNAB discount has worked. A-ffirmative!
(YNAB's website screenshot Copyright You Need A Budget)

ynab discount coupon price

When you add YNAB to your basket you'll see the price has changed. Nice!
(YNAB's website screenshot Copyright You Need A Budget)

How does the YNAB discount work?

Here's the scoop: everyone who buys YNAB receives an official referral link to share with the world. I got into using YNAB for our home budget way back in February 2013 and when you use my referral you'll get $6 off at their website and I'll get $6 for referring you, which I put straight into our 'Deposit To Buy A House' category in YNAB, so thank you very much!

By the way, you can use anyone's referral link (try searching Twitter, for example) and you'll get the same $6 discount, so I appreciate that you have a choice and I thank you very much in advance for using mine - I hope you love YNAB as much as we do!

Is there a demo?

Yep, they've got a 34-day free demo, which is well worth having a go of, and when you're ready to buy a license just pop back here and hit the button to get your discount.

I used the demo myself because at the time I wasn't completely sure it was for me and $60 felt like a lot to risk. I also signed up to the free email course that introduces you to the app one day at a time for a week, and read lots of threads on the user forums (which are excellent, by the way) working out the best categories for us.

As you can probably tell, at the end of the demo period I was definitely ready to take the plunge - with someone's referral discount of course! Never looked back: as far as our finances and our sanity is involved it was the best $54 we ever spent!

Is there a student discount?

If you're a student looking to buy You Need A Budget, stop right there! You don't need to find a discount just yet because the guys at YNAB have made the app absolutely free to all students of all ages all over the world. For real!

All the details are on their blog but in short: you send them copies of your ID and proof of your course finish date, and they'll send you a license code to use a fully functional copy of YNAB absolutely free until your course ends.

If you're a student even thinking about trying YNAB you should definitely do this. And if you love it enough to buy a license when you graduate don't forget to pop back here to grab your $6 off! 😉

Is there a coupon code to copy?

Nope, the guys at YNAB don't really do coupon codes, just click the button and they'll take care of the rest. :)